The group

Cérélia, the chilled dough specialist*

Since December 2012, EuroDough and L'Alsacienne de Pâtes Ménagères (APM) have a common identity: Cérélia.
Cérélia brings you over 40 years of expertise.

Cérélia operates in 22 countries, with a strong ambition to initiate its development beyond. Cérélia is a major actor in the private label segment in Europe and through its own brands such as Croustipate, Pop Bakery, Amicuccina, Jan, Abracadeborah and Creapan.
*Chilled and frozen home dough includes : pie dough, pizza dough, pastry dough, cookie dough, crepes, pancakes, brick pastry sheets and filo pastry.






L’Alsacienne de Pâtes Ménagères

Created in 1994 by the Roposte family in Hoerdt (Alsace), L’Alsacienne de Pâtes Ménagères became, in just a few years, one of the main players in private label pie and pizza dough in France.

In 2010, l’Alsacienne de Pâtes Ménagères was taken over by a trio of shareholders: the Capzanine Fund, the Céréa Capital Fund and the Management.

In 2012, l’Alsacienne des Pâtes Ménagères became leader on the French market.

Geographical presence: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium.


Created in 1974 in Liévin (Pas-de-Calais) following a merger between Danone and Campbell Tagart, EuroDough is one of the major players in the refrigerated dough market in Europe.

In 1998 and 1999, EuroDough purchased Chevalier Servant and Patrick Raulet, counting then 3 production plants in France: Dole (Jura), Vittel (Vosges), Liévin (Pas-de-Calais).


In 2001, the American group Sara Lee acquired EuroDough.

In January 2012, the Sagard Investment Fund took over EuroDough.

Geographical presence: France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Nordic countries.

De Bioderij

Cérélia, supported by IK Investment Partners, acquired Benelux-based Bioderij, the European market leader of ready-made pancake products.


2016 : Acquisition of BakeAway 
Cérélia, supported by IK Investment Partners, acquired BakeAway, an English pie dough and cookie company. BakeAway was founded in 2011 by Brian Homewood, who in a few years, managed to lead his company to the rank of leader in its category in the United Kingdom.

English Bay Batter

2017 : Acquisition of English Bay Batter
Cérélia accelerates its development in North America by acquiring English Bay Batter, the North American cookie specialist. Founded in 1983 by Jack Seguin in Vancouver, EBB has a unique know-how in the manufacture of cookies and other bakery specialities. Its products are distributed in the United States and Canada through the Retail and Food Service.

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Cérélia figures

11 production plants in the world
1430 employees in Europe, Asia and North America
22 countries where Cérélia products are sold
> 400 million euros turnover in 2017*
*consolidated proforma turnover including EBB